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    {Feature Friday!}

    Feb 18, 2011

    Meghan Rickard Photography


    I am Meghan Rickard, of Meghan Rickard Photography (http://www.meghanrickardphotography.com/) and adored by meghan, my newborn site (http://www.adoredbymeghan.com/) I work in Southeastern Washington, specifically Kennewick where I have my studio. I am, however, totally open to traveling, like say Hawaii..... =) And become a fan! http://www.facebook.com/meghanrickardphotography

    1. Tell us a little bit about YOU.
    I am a Mother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Photographer. I am a member of a crazy household including a Mom, a Dad, a Brother (Derik, 4) and a Sister (Madalynn, 2.5). We also have our three 'fur-babies': crabby cats Bella & Mavis, and our newest member, 12 week old german shepard mix Winston.


    2. How did you get into photography?

    I have been interested in the 'arts' since way back when. Photography, drawing, painting, writing, architecture, cooking, etc. Finally found the passion for photography after I had my first baby, and found that there was no truer statement than 'It goes by so fast...' I really began down the path of doing it for others after I had my Daughter, short of two years later.

    I had a customer, when I was working at the Penney's portrait studio, who had come in for a session with her family, including her new baby boy. The next time I saw her, when she came in to pick up the photos from her session, her baby had since passed away from SIDS. There are no feelings really to know that I may have taken those last photos of her sweet baby boy.


    3. Are you doing photography as a business or a hobby?
    I sure hope I'm doing it for business! =) There are other parts I do see as more of hobby though, like landscaping and macros and whatnot. I would like to put more time in the 'hobby' part of my 'business'. And I actually see photographing my kids as more of a 'hobby' as well.


    4. What is your favorite subject to photograph? Why?

    No question: NEWBORNS. Seriously, your baby will never, ever, ever, EVER be this little again. Ever! I love capturing the moments, as they literally change every single day. In fact, I would love to photograph them every day for a week or two. And let's get to the point, having babies who aren't really 'babies' any more gives me some serious baby fever, so I'm thankful to spend a couple hours with these sweet little things, but then give them back to the parents.


    5. Who is your inspiration? Do you have any favorite photographers?

    I do have plenty of photographers who are an inspiration to me. I find inspiration from photographers who have a style similar to mine, as well as those who have a totally different style than me. Some of my faves: Kerianne Brown http://www.keriannebrown.com/blog/, Laura Brett (love her newborn work) http://www.laurabrettphotography.com/blog/, Shannon Dodd http://www.shannondodd.com/blog/, and Rachel Vanoven http://www.rachelvanoven.com/blog/. And really, I could go on and on. Thank goodness for Flickr :)


    6. What tips/advice do you have about photography and running your own business?

    Photography: learn your gear. I am still learning to use my big strobe light, so I try not to use it unless it's unavoidable.

    Business: network. There are so many great photographers out there who know what it's like to be where you're at, whether you're just starting out or you've been in business for awhile. If you need help, there are those out there who love to help! Make friends with those people!


    7. Tell us a strange or interesting fact about you.

    Ehhh, I can probably still put my feet behind my head. Weirdo, I know. Maybe that's why I can curl up those newborns so well....... ;o)



    2 Responses to “{Feature Friday!}”

    Amber said...

    Meghan, I really do adore your work with newborns! You have such a way with them :) And that story about the mother losing her son is just so devastating, but also a great reminder to us photographers as why we do what we do! Thanks for sharing! :)

    Danette said...

    Meghan has been fun to watch grow up and help "pose" her little sister growing up for photos...and now to see her evolve and follow her passion and do it so well - she is a total inspiration. It's such a kewl feeling to be inspired by your own daughter. I'm so proud and blessed!