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    Salt Lake City Twin Newborn Portraits | Anna & Claire

    Jul 19, 2016

    I was beyond excited to meet Anna & Claire for their newborn session!  Holding one 4 pound baby is incredible in itself, but to be able to hold two?!  Gah!  They were just so tiny!  Not to mention how adorable they both were!

    Fun fact:  Anna & Claire are IDENTICAL twins!  Though their looks varied a little at their newborn session, it was still a challenge to tell them apart!  Luckily my assistant and I had a system in place so we would always know which one was which.  We started with Anna by herself and then added Claire for some portraits of them together.  Then we would take some photos of Claire by herself.  Not only did this help us keep track of who was who, it really helped with the flow of the session and allowed us to get all we needed in the allotted time we had.

    Everyone at the session was so helpful to get the girls settled and happy in between portraits, as well as keeping mom relaxed!  Especially big brother Austin.  Can you tell that he is smitten with his new sisters?  Congratulations Buresh + Rutledge family!  Looks like you've got your hands (and hearts) full!

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    Utah Newborn Portraits | When to Book Your Session

    Jul 10, 2016

    I think the question I get asked the most is "When is the best time to book my session?"

    What a GREAT question!!  Not a lot of people know when to book their maternity or newborn portrait session, and often times when they do, it's too late!

    I would hate for anyone to miss out on capturing such a special time in your life.  I mean, let's face it, this is probably the biggest thing that's happened to you since your wedding day, right?!  So why not plan carefully for your next big event?

    For your maternity session it is best to book your session between 30-34 weeks.  This is usually the sweet spot for expecting moms.  Your belly is nice, big, and round while you are still somewhat able to get around comfortably.  Also, as most of you know, the birth of your baby can be so unpredictable!  He/she may decide to come at 36 weeks or sooner!  You don't want to miss out on maternity photos because little bub decided to make a grand early entrance!

    The best time to contact your photographer is around 20 weeks.  This is usually around the time parents find out if their little sweet potato is a boy or a girl!  You can share this information with your photographer and plan something extra special for your maternity session.  Contacting your photographer this early also allows them time to make room for you on their schedule.  There is always the possibility your photographer may get you in later on, but it breaks my heart to have to turn away clients when they need their session done within a week or two.

    Newborn sessions are my absolute favorite!  I just love that 'new baby' smell!  ;)
    Newborns are best photographed under 2 weeks old if you're after those sweet sleepy posed images.  The window can be rather small when booking your newborn session if complications arise.  For example, if you are breastfeeding, it is best to wait until mom's milk comes in fully (usually around day 4 or 5) as to avoid a cranky hungry baby during a session.  If you have a little man that has just had surgery, you want to wait until he heals completely OR schedule his procedure when after pictures take place.

    "But Amber, I've seen some babies posted on your blog that were a month old!  Do you still photograph newborns when they are older than 2 weeks?"  Yes!  Yes I do!  In fact, I haven't had a 4 week old yet that wasn't just an angel during his/her session! (knock on wood).  Newborns go through a little 'growth spurt' around 3 weeks old and are quite alert.  But once they reach 4-5 weeks, they are somewhat in a routine and sleep a little better allowing for some sweet baby pictures.  While I don't recommend waiting until your baby is older, I can say that all hope is not lost and we can still capture some adorable photos of your little one. 

    The best time to contact your photographer for your newborn portrait session is BEFORE your due date!!  Don't wait until your baby is born to schedule his/her session.  Most photographers, including myself, block off a window of time based on your due date to insure availability for your session, but we can't do this if your baby is already born!

    Below are some tips for planning your maternity or newborn portrait session!

    1.  Write it down!  Once you see that extra pink line, your brain immediately goes into panic/planning mode.  How am I going to tell my husband?  How should we tell our parents?  When do we find out the gender?  Where will the nursery go?  What if its twins?  How late is Dairy Queen open?

    It's soooo easy for your brain to work into overdrive and that is when you start to forget things.  They call it pregnancy brain and it gets the best of us.  As soon as you think of something, write it down!  Just like your wedding day, you need to sit down, write it out and start planning!

    2.  Do your research and ask questions!  Find that right photographer for you and your baby.  Above all, you want someone who is going to take care of your baby and his/her safety foremost.  You also want someone that makes you comfortable and feel easy around.  I've had parents so relaxed at their newborn session, they even took a nap!

    During your research, you also want to make sure the photographer has a style you like.  Make notes of what you like about the pictures on their site! (trust me, we photographers LOVE to hear you raving about our work).  Ask them lots of questions and get to know them a little bit!  Build a relationship and you will LOVE your experience hiring a professional even more!

    3.  Once you find your photographer, save up!!  I will advise you to not pick your photographer based on price and price alone.  Yes, there are photographers to fit all shapes and sizes of budgets, but like I said before, you want to pick your photographer based on their ability to take care of you and your baby.  All great photographers come at a nice price tag and it's ok to save up!  You are making a pretty big investment: your baby's first professional portraits.  He/she will have these photos growing up to share with their children, and their children's children.  Invest wisely  ;)

    4.  Consult with your photographer!  These photos will be with you forever and will be passed down through many generations.  Make sure these photos will reflect who you are and the things you like.  Just like your wedding photos, you want them to be classy and not too trendy (hello 80's??).  Don't like a prop your photographer picked out?  Tell them!  Feel uncomfortable showing your bare belly?  Tell them!  LOVE bright red and want to use it a lot in your session?  Tell them! 

    As photographers we are here to serve YOU, our client.  We want you to have an amazing experience that you will cherish for years.  We aren't mind readers and we can't change anything after the session has taken place.  Consult with your photographer beforehand and you will get the session you've always wanted!

    5.  Book your session and then sit back and relax because you are ahead of the game, baby!  You've made a list of what needs to be done, finished your research, found a photographer you love, and planned your session to your wants and needs!  Now all that's left is to book your photographer and pay the deposit.  That's it!  All done!  Oh, well with the exception of welcoming your new baby into the world ♥