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    Archive for April 2015

    Brynlee | Utah Newborn Photographer

    Apr 22, 2015

    Brynlee's mom and dad came from a referral after their photographer was unavailable during the first 2 weeks of her life and they were SO determined to get her in while she was still itty bitty!

    And boy am I glad they did!  She was just the sweetest thing and you could tell how much they cherished her already.  You can imagine how excited I was when I got several photos of her smiling.  I don't think I've ever had a parent not order the 'smiling' pictures from their session  <3 br="">


    Eva | Utah Infant Photographer

    Apr 9, 2015

    Eva's mom and dad brought her to see me at just about 7 months old.  The first thing I said when I saw her was 'she looks just like a little cabbage patch doll!' and her mom told me that was not the first time she's heard that!

    Her nickname is Eva the Diva because, well, Eva does what Eva wants  ;)  At our session, she was so ready to just get up on those knees and scoot to wherever she pleased.  And don't think that putting her on her tummy was any easier, she just rolled and rolled!  lol

    Thanks SO much for bringing her to see me! <3>