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    Newborn Special! | Layton Utah Newborn Photographer

    Feb 24, 2012

    Book your newborn/birth/maternity session with me and recieve 2 mini accordian albums!  These albums are great for grandparents (or mom and dad) to show off your adorable little ones.  Book your session before the end of February to recieve this special (session must take place before August 2012)!  Contact me at amberlynsky@yahoo.com

    And hopefully I'll get around to blogging this little guy's session soon  :)

    Britny | Utah Maternity Photography

    Feb 16, 2012

    Britny is just one of those women who wears pregnancy well!  She was just glowing on the day of our session.  I can't wait to meet baby 'K' when he gets here!

    This little guy was SO funny playing in the sand and throwing it on himself !   He's going to be a fun big brother  :)

    Weekend Recipe | Layton Utah | Newborn Photographer

    Feb 7, 2012

    I'm a couple days late for this to be a weekend recipe (oops!) but I'll go ahead and post it anyways  ;)

    Today, I will be taking this photo from this:

    To this:


    Photoshop CS4


    First, I used Keri Meyers action 'Take the Red Out' and adjusted the opacity to 75%

    He had a sore on the tip of his nose so I used my patch tool to get rid of it

    Then I used the spot healing brush to remove all the little blemishes on his cheeks (and anywhere else I saw them)

    I then went through all the steps of my skin smoothing tutorial found here and adjusted the opacity to 50%

    To make the photo pop a little bit, I ran Florabella's Classic Color from the Classic Workflow collection and adjusted the opacity to 40%

    Now, you could be done here, but I like to add a bit of extra softness by running Florabella's Milk action from the Luxe II collection.  I adjust the layers as such:  turn off the warm haze layer, turn of the more haze layer, pure milk (5-7%),  tone (10%), contrast (10%), lighten (10%)

    and wah-la! All finished  :)

    If you try this recipe out, please share a link in the comment section below!  I'd love to see  :)