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    Naomi | Utah Birth Photographer

    May 15, 2012

    My sister was due to have her second child via c-section on May 9th.  However, on April 30th, I ended up taking her into the hospital because she had some light spotting.  Her doctor said that was not normal and if it continued he would need to do an emergency c-section.

    So she stayed the night at the hospital and I had her son and my daughter for the night.  I got a call the next morning that she would be having a c-section at 10 am!  Were were all so excited but very unprepared!

    She ended up going back for surgery later than planned because of another emergency c-section. We stood around waiting for the nurses to bring her to the nursery so we could all see the new baby, but we ended up waiting for about an hour.

    At 11:13 am on May 1st, Naomi Kim Owen was born  :)  She weighed 6lbs 13oz and was 20 inches long.

    The rest of the day we just passed her around and opened presents!  It was a perfect day  :)

    (first time holding her baby girl)

    The next day, big brother got to meet his cute baby sister!  He was so sweet with her  :)

    Congratulation Jessi and Happy Birthday Naomi  :)

    7 Responses to “Naomi | Utah Birth Photographer”

    Leah said...

    OMGoodness! Love the photos love the story! Beautiful job!

    lauraruizphotography said...

    Unique captures and moments.

    Caroljean at Watersong Journey said...

    Oh such beautiful moments captured! Great job!

    Danielle Cordeau said...

    Such a sweet baby! Great images.

    Lori said...

    Oh Amber. I love these! Beautiful job!!

    MelindaS.Photography said...

    These are great and what a great moment there is nothing like it!!

    Priscilla said...

    I enjoyed this post. I liked seeing the action of the new member of the family coming into this world and meeting everyone. I especially like the shot with whomever is holding her with the shirt that reads, "You have the right to be yourself." PERFECT!