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    Hazlett Family

    Oct 30, 2011

    I was able to do maternity, newborn, senior, and family photos for this wonderful family!  Christina contacted me first for Rilee's newborn photos as well as some maternity photos.  Then I met her younger sister when she contacted me for senior photos.  That is where I met their amazing mother!  A couple weeks later, Jana had contacted me for some family photos because all of their family was together again but only for a short while.  We headed out to get some quick shots, and let me tell you, this family is gorgeous!  See for yourself  ;)

    Thank you Hazlett family!  :)

    Weekend Recipe

    Oct 15, 2011

    WOW.  I am SO behind on blogging.....

    Awhile back, I decided to introduce some of my "Recipes" of editing a photo. And it's about time I got around to it  ;)

    I will take you from the first step and go over everything I did to achieve the final product.  I will also include all the information of where I got the actions, etc.
    Ok, here goes.  I use this "Recipe" quite often and it's definitely one of my favorites!  I call it:

    A Pinch of Honey

    What you will need:

    I always start by cropping my photos to 5x7.  I then ran 'Light & Dark' and using my brush painted over her face to brighten it up.  I also reduced some of the redness from her skin.  I then ran Portraiture on a separate layer and turned the opacity low (I think about 30%).

    I desaturated the yellows (about -20) because the action will add more yellow.  Next, I created a Selective Color layer adjustment.  I selected Green and set as follows:  Cyan (-40), Magenta (45), Yellow (35), Black (45).  Flatten image.

    I then ran 'Jane' from Florabella's Luxe II collection and set the opacity between 30-50% (it varies from photo to photo).  Next, I ran 'Milk & Honey' from Florabella's Color & Haze collection.  Ungroup the folder and make the following adjustments:  Honey Tint (35% opacity), Milk Haze (15% opacity), Honey Haze (10% opacity), turn off Brighten Up and Lighten layers.

    Then I ran 'Pastel Tints & Hazes' from Florabella's Color & Haze collection.  Turn on Lavender Tint and Tiffany Blue Tint.  Set Tiffany Blue Tint to 15% opacity.

    The very last step, I just added a slight vignette at about 10-15% opacity.

    And that's it!  Feel free to leave any questions in the blog comments below  :)

    Heather {Senior}

    Oct 2, 2011

    To say that Heather is beautiful is an understatement.  She's gorgeous!  I had the pleasure of photographing Heather's new niece, Rilee, back in August as well as the rest of her family a few weeks ago!  I really enjoyed getting to know you all!  Such a wonderful family  :)

    Now, back to Heather!  I didn't want to bum anyone out, but I figure since I'm totally bummed, I might as well share it.  Heather gets to go live in Hawaii after she graduates High School!  How unfair is that?!

    I'm just teasing  ;)  Part of me wishes I could hide in her luggage and hitch a ride to Hawaii, but the other part of me isn't sure how much luggage Heather will have and whether or not there will be room for Maddie.  And I can't really leave her behind, now can I.  SO, I will stay here in Utah and continue to photograph my amazing and gorgeous clients!  :)