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    McDonald Family | Utah Family Photographer

    Sep 17, 2012

    I love Megan and Justin!  They are such fun people to be around and can make just about anyone smile.  Add two gorgeous little girls to the mix and you have yourself the cutest little family ever!  Trinity and Harper are by far the most adorable little girls to ever walk (and crawl) this earth and I'm so happy I got to play with them  :)
    (I love how much he loves his little girls and how much he lets it show :))

    This is by far my favorite family picture ever!  I'm thinking this should be a canvas *wink*wink*

    Jaylee & Brielle | Utah Newborn Photographer

    Sep 14, 2012

    I got to photograph my first set of twins back in August!  I was so thrilled!  They were both perfect little angels for me and I'm so blessed to have met them  :)

    Hope you enjoy Lindsay!


    Boston | Utah Newborn Photographer

    Sep 13, 2012

    Boston is the third little baby I know that was born in the month of May!  How funny is that?  I can see how that name is so popular though and it totally suits him.  (I LOVE his middle name as well: Oliver!)

    Boston was SUCH a good little guy for picture day and his mom, aunt, and grandma were such amazing helpers!

    Ellie | Utah Newborn Photographer

    Jul 27, 2012

    Oh sweet sweet Ellie!  Our session ended after 1 hour of my arrival because she was just THAT good  ;)  I seriously went through 3 or 4 different poses within the first 20 minutes!  She started to get a little fussy so mommy snuck in some cuddles so I had to sneak in some photos  :)

    Lloyd | Utah Family Photographer

    I got to photograph Braxtyn as a newborn and now that he's 4 months old, I got to photograph his whole family!  It's completely obvious where he got his good looks from!  And how stinkin' cute is big sis?

    Naomi | Utah Newborn Photographer

    Jun 25, 2012

    Sweet sweet baby Naomi, why do you have to grow so fast?  Naomi is now almost 2 months old and I'm just now getting around to posting these...oops!

    Naomi was one of my hardest shoots to date (we rescheduled 3 times!).  She's definitely got a little bit of red hair genes in her just like her brother!  Good luck Jess, she's gonna be a little firecracker  ;)


    Tatum | Utah Baby Photographer

    Jun 2, 2012

    If there's anything I love more than photographing newborns, it's one year olds.  They can be so funny and make the cutest faces (not to mention some cardio from chasing them around).

    Tatum (LOVE her name) was just the sweetest!  Such big smiles for me in the beginning, but let's face it, getting your pictures taken can be very stressful which is why Tatum's spirit went downhill after about 20 minutes.  BUT after taking a short break to just play and check out some nature, she turned it right back on!

    Happy 1st Birthday Tatum!