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    Dulcii Elizabeth

    Feb 20, 2011

    Do you remember this gorgeous momma-to-be?


    Meet her gorgeous bundle of joy, Dulcii  :)

    Isn't she just an angel?  I loved getting to hold her and rock her to sleep  :)

    And she was the smiliest baby I have ever seen!  Almost every pose I had her in, she'd let out a little smile  :)  I think she likes me!!

    I love it when the babies come out with a lot of hair!  It's so cute  :)

    Check out this ADORABLE owl hat from Ashley Morgan (Oopsie Loopsie crochet & design)!  Isn't it to die for?  I've already ordered a couple of hats for my daughter and I'm going back for more! :)

    I've seen some other photographers do this shot, and I've really wanted to try it!  Mine didn't turn out quite as good as theirs, but I like it!  (and hey!  it was my first try! lol)

    Here's a little announcement I put together for her  :)



    Welcome to the world Dulcii!  You are loved so much by many and they've only just met you  :)

    Katie, I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I had taking them!  :)