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    Archive for May 2015

    Norah | Utah Infant Photographer

    May 14, 2015

    I got to see Norah again a few months after her newborn session with me!  I never got a chance to share some of her newborn photos on the blog, so I'll share a couple of them here  ;)


    And here she is a few months later!  It's still so crazy to me how much they change in just a short amount of time....

    And we had to take one with her big sister <3 nbsp="" p="">

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    Maddie | Utah Child Photographer

    As a newborn photographer in Davis County Utah, I take a lot of portraits indoors.  As much as I love studio work, I just love to get outdoors as well!  My clients always ask me where the best location to shoot outside is and I want to always have that perfect location!

    That is where my assistant comes in  ;)  She gets to tag along with me to some random locations and pose for me to test it out!  She's so lucky, isn't she?  Ha ha, I don't know if she thinks so, but I absolutely appreciate everything she does for me  <3 br="">

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    Owen Family | Utah Family Photographer

    May 3, 2015

    Being a photographer in Utah definitely has it's perks!  I mean, we seriously have some of the BEST landscapes (um.....hello mountains!).  Antelope Island is one of those (not so hidden) treasures!  It's one of my absolute favorite places to shoot and lucky for me, lots of clients love it too!

    I couldn't have asked for a better day to photograph this beautiful family.  We had amazing weather, an amazing view, great outfits, and the best family ever!  That's a recipe for a successful family portrait session <3 br="">

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    Grace | Utah Infant Photographer

    Grace celebrated her first birthday in style....with a cake smash session of course!  Even though I am known for being a newborn photographer in Utah, I get the opportunity to play with older infants as well and every second of it is just as enjoyable!

    Grace loved her cake that her mom bought her and even tried to share some of it.  And how cute is her outfit that mommy brought?  I'm SO glad I had a setup that matched perfectly!  Happy Sweet FIRST birthday to Grace <3 br="">

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