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    3,000 Fan Giveaway!

    Jul 30, 2011

    Can you believe I've reached 3,000 fans on Facbook?!  Well.....almost  :)

    I really do appreciate every single one of you!  And to show you all my appreciation, I wanted to give you guys some FREE stuff!!   Who's ready to play?

    Our first vendor and item up for grabs is this gorgeous green and pink pettiskirt from Jewelry and Baby Bling by Dara!

    Check out her etsy shop and her new blog to sign up for newsletters and other giveaways!

    Next we have a $50 Gift Certificate from Glorious Memories!  That's right, I said 50!

    Don't forget to check out her website for more AMAZING templates!

    I will be donating one of my headbands from my newly released Ashland Collection!  Stop by Silly Gus Designs for more!  :)  The winner will recieve the headband pictured below in size 12 months.

    Who wants to win a $50 gift card to Backdrops and Floordrops by Imajen?  I know I would!!

    If you don't have one of her drops yet....get one!  :)

    3 Little Birds Boutique is giving away a $15 gift certificate to her shop!

    See more at her shop!

    One of my new favorite places to get newborn hats is Modern Mommy Crochet!   She is offering our lucky winner a gray newborn Pixie hat!

    Check out more of her cute hats here!

    The Posh Princess is going to donate one Alexa headband or clip in your color of choice!

    One lucky winner will also recieve something from the ever popular Swanky Stitch!  What can you win?  Oh just WHATEVER ITEM YOU WANT from her 'in stock and ready to ship' album!!

    Next up we have a $15 gift certificate to Primitive Moose!

    Be sure to check out her etsy shop for more products like crochet hats and banners!  :)

    Princess and the Pea Boutique is giving our lucky winner the Mary Jane headband in the size they want!

    And check out their etsy for more yummy designs!

    You've all heard of Wish Photography and Wish Workshops, right?  She is going to be giving away her Wish Action set!!

    (her work is amazing!!)

    Who is donating this adorable beanie and tutu set?  Why, the amazing Chicbebe of course!!

    Check out more of her creations in her etsy shop!  :)

    Heather from NattieCakesDecor is giving away this gorgeous rhinestone flower headband in the winner's choice of color and size!  How cool is that?!

    One of my new FAVORITE boutiques is El Beigh Boutique!  Elexis is very talented and she's just plain amazing!  :)  She has generously decided to give our lucky winner a $25 gift certificate to her shop, a headband, AND a caterpillar coccoon and hat set!  How generous is that?!

    and for all you locals, you can now find some of her amazing creations at Little Cherry Blossoms on Historic 25th street in Ogden!  :)

    Birdie Baby Boutique is one of my all time favorites and I'm so glad that she will be donating a $20 shop credit to her store!  Good luck to the winner trying to pick something out!  You'll want it all  ;)

    Patricia from the uber popular Sew Whimsey is giving away a $25 credit to her store!

    (ps. this is the one I want!)

    Next we have a mustache and lip set from Wonderland Creations!  How stinkin' fun are these?!

    The best part?  They are made out of clay instead of paper!!  Now they won't get ruined and will last longer  :)

    Crochet Medley is going to give away her stella hat!

    be sure to catch her at her shop!

    If you think I would host a giveaway and not include Cozette Couture, you are sorely mistaken!  Suzette makes the most amazing one of a kind headbands you've ever seen!  She would like to give one lucky winner the vintage lace headband with a pink rosette!

    Vintage lace headband with pink rosette and feather SALE
    (photo courtesy of Holly Brimhall Photography)

    Check out Suzette's etsy shop for more over the top couture  :)

    Silver Lining Backdrop Shoppe is offering up a $50 shop credit!!  Seriously, good luck picking just one design!!  ;)

    Check out their website for more inspiring ideas!

    And last but CERTAINLY not least is this gorgeous newborn sized romper from Chic Baby Rose!

    Kristyn makes these rompers herself and they are absolutely amazing!  Check out her website for more amazing products (and more colors!)

    Now how can YOU win these AMAZING prizes?!

    Simply visit each vendors sites and take a look around!  You may leave some love on their pages, but it is not necessary.  Then, come back on over here and leave a comment and tell us why you want to win!!  :)

    Make sure you are 'liking' or friend requesting each vendor!  We'll be watching  ;)

    Giveaway ends on August 6th.  Winner will be announced August 8th.




    This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. You will not be notified publicly via Facebook if you are a winner. You must be 18 to participate. By entering this contest, you are providing information to AM Photography and not to Facebook. Prizes do not have cash value. There will be no returns/exchanges on any of the items. Contest void where prohibited by law. Winner will be chosen via random.org. Once a winner is announced it is up to each vendor & the winner to complete the transactions, AM Photography assumes no monetary responsablity for merchandise being offered in this giveaway.

    42 Responses to “3,000 Fan Giveaway!”

    (JC)Squared said...

    Add me please! All the amazing little lady headbands and amazing photography-any prize would be wonderful

    sk8tagrl15 said...

    I have liked all the vendors facebook pages! I also shared this giveaway on facebook! I would LOVE to win these prizes, as I am trying to start taking pictures professionally, and this would be a great start! thanks for this opportunity!
    shandy patrick - sk8tagrl15@yahoo.com

    newmama2010 said...

    I liked/requested everyone and I'd like to win because there are lots of great prizes in the giveaway that I wouldn't be able to buy for my daughter normally since money is a little tight. Thanks fro such a great giveaway!

    Heather said...

    I would love to win any of these beautiful prizes! My photography prop addiction is in full force! :)

    Lisa Ward said...

    Lisa Ward lisadw68@yahoo.com
    I have liked all the vendors in this fabulous giveaway! I would love to win any of these amazing items!!

    Jody said...

    I have liked and/or friended each vendor on FB. Gratz on 3k fans and thank you for sponsoring this giveaway :) I would love to win any of these prizes as a photographer just starting out with very little, I am quickly discovering how expensive it can be to build a prop collection and there are so many cute things out there. Thank you again for this opportunity!
    Jody Rollins (shane_jody@hotmail.com)

    Julie B. said...

    I liked all of the vendor's pages! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Julie Brock

    Anonymous said...

    I would love to win the silver lining backdrop shoppe credit! Looked on their website and its amazing. Cant beat the prices either! I "liked" them on FB


    Jami said...

    I have liked all of the vendors, some I have liked before! They all have exceptional and creative products. I love capturing beautiful moments and This would really help my new business!

    Thanks for having the giveaway!

    Alisha T. Photography said...

    I have liked all vendors participating in AM Photography's 3000k giveaway! CONGRATS!! I am new to this ever changing, fast paced photography world; therefore it would be a blessing to win any of your amazing vendors gifts. I hope to one day reach 3000k!!!

    Alisha T. Photography

    MeShelle said...

    Ok, so I want to Win because A. This is the first giveaway I have entered in a REALLY LONG TIME B. Because I never or ever have won a giveaway like this. C. Because all of these vendors and their goodies are REAL prize to win- and D.. because I your biggest FAN AM PHOTOGRAPHY aka AMBER- I like all these wonderful vendors thanks to you and this giveaway..and will be sharing the love of this giveaway- WOOT WOOT here is to 3000 fans!

    Suzanne said...

    Thanks for the giveaway! I'd love one of those camera straps...and all the other great things!

    AIM Photography said...

    Liked everyone. Was AAF of most. Great giveaway. Fingers crossed.

    Lauren Mallard

    Jody said...

    Wow! Why I want to win? Everything is beautiful and wonderful! I liked you and all your participating vendors. Thank you for the chance to win!

    Jody Jensen

    Anonymous said...

    I liked all the vendors facebook pages! I would love to win this giveaway, all the props are cute and unique and would be a great addition to a needed collection! I'm especially crossing my fingers for the Wish Action Set!

    Aubree Eaves Snipes

    Oni said...

    Liked/friended all vendors and would LOVE to win because it's all great stuff!

    amy baggett said...

    wow wow wow i Would LOVE to win!!! everything is wonderful and i <3 ALL the venders!! and i would love to know what band this is playing on your blog i <3 them i think im going to leave the webpage up so i can listen to it while i clean my kitchen LOL!! thanks for the chance to win such wonder give away!!

    Shanna-Kaye Fancher said...

    Already a fan of most, and liked all the rest! LOVE the vendors for your giveaway! I would LOVE the credit for the backgrounds! I am so in need of one! :)

    Shanna-Kaye Fancher

    Kaila said...

    I've "LIKED" all the pages! I would LOVE to win the clay mustache and lip set. I'm ALWAYS replacing props in my photo booth, so ones that last longer would be a welcome change! =)

    Kaila Knupp

    Anonymous said...

    Hello I liked all the vendors and friend requested those with that option. Thanks so much for the giveaway and congrats on 3000 fans!! I want to win any of these great prizes because I confess I am a prop junkie!!! I am always looking to expand my prop collection!!
    nicole eaton

    Megan Gronlund Photography said...

    My name is Megan and I am a propaholic. Any where I go be it a garage sale, target, or on vacation I am constantly looking for new props. Love the looks I get when I pick something up and ask "Could I put a baby in this?".

    Have you ever found that hidden treasure at a yard sale that has inspired a whole series of photos? I love love love that feeling. Like a lightbulb goes off and it sets off a chain reaction to other lightbulbs you didn't even know existed. Where someone sees an old milk crate I see the variety of blankets, backgrounds, flooring, lighting, accessories that could go with it. Something I think only other artistic minds get sometimes. I am always looking at different vendors seeing what everyone offers, seeing what amazing ideas others have come up with, seeing if there is something I can be inspired by. So many of the vendors you have gathered have amazing products to offer. We're so lucky to live in such a creative world.

    I would love to win because A. I honestly haven't ever won anything. My friends think its hilarious. B. I need to feed my addiction! I think a wide variety of props, backgrounds, etc is KEY to a successful photography business. You can't put every baby in the same basket with the same accessories. Gotta mix it up!

    Thanks soooo much for all the work you've ALL put into this giveaway. And CONGRATS on 3,000 fans!! Thats a goal I am definitely reaching for :)

    Ashley Byers said...


    love the sponsors, most where already liked. they all do amazing things.
    Everything in the giveaway is awesome, i would love to win them, because who wouldn't? :)

    Kyla Lott said...

    I would love to win. I am still just getting started in photography. I graduated a year and a half ago with a degree in Media Arts. I am paying off student loans and will be getting married within a year. Obviously money is tight and these beautiful gifts would help so much with business. :) Thanks for all you are doing!
    Kyla Lott

    sweetjen said...

    I liked all the pages! I would love all these props! They are all so cute.

    Jennifer Estep

    Crystal Batignani said...

    I have liked all the amazing vendors! A warm thank you to all for offering such amazing gifts! Thank you for hosting this fabulous giveaway as well!

    I would love to win because I don't have very many props yet. I am fresh in the field and am ambitious to try some new things out!


    Erin Noie Photography said...

    Amazing giveaway! I liked everyone. I would love to win this awesome bunch of items because there's some I've had on my shopping list for ages (caterpillar cocoon), some I'm in need of (camera strap) and some that I would LOVE to add to my prop collection! TY for the chance!
    FB name Erin Noie-Photography

    Anonymous said...

    Loved all the vendors ;)Thanks for having this giveaway, my fingers are crossed I win something from some amazing talent.
    Melaine Dodds Moscoso

    K.Freeman Photography said...

    I have liked all the vendors. Thanks so much for the giveaway. I am a newbe photographer and would like to win some new stuff.

    Sarah Desilets Littlefield said...

    Liked all the vendors in your amazing giveaway :) I would love to win any of the prizes because I love watching my daughters face when she gets new things in :)

    Sarah Desilets Littlefield


    Little Lady said...

    I liked all the vendors! :) I'd love to win because I just started my photography business, and I need props. Photography is my true love, and I would be honored to share such great products with my clients!

    Angela Kristoff

    Melissa said...

    I loved ("liked" :D ) every page! Thank you so much for this giveaway! I would love to win any of these prizes because photography is my passion. If I could do anything in the world it would be photography, learn about it more, do more and enjoy it more! I'm so excited about this giveaway and even if I don't win something, thank you for introducing me to these sponsors ( I was aaf of most, but there are some I wasn't :) ) beautiful stuff :)

    VZMODA35 said...

    LIKED all the pages, have been a fan of some for a while :)I'm a prop addict, no seriously I have a major issue LOL. I love my job and this will really help me and all my clients will LOVE all the goodies :)

    Jenny Kammeyer said...

    Hi. I liked everyone's fb pages (which all are wonderful). Winning this giveaway would be awesome because I'm just starting out & I really don't have the cashflow to purchase props at the moment. Thanks for the opportunity!

    Paula Dias Photography said...

    I just liked all of the above pages. These are amazing. I would love to win because I am a new photographer and have been trying to purchase props and accessories this past year. These would add to my small collection and my clients would love it. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!

    Chels said...

    I liked all the pages I didn't already like! Such amazingly adorable stuff! I would LOVE to win because I am starting up my own photography business after spending tons of bucks on pictures for my little baby boy! I had the camera already so I figured why not?! I'd love to win something as I'm trying to gather up a few props to start taking pictures of little ones! So excited to see if I win! <3

    terrarigel said...

    I liked all the facebook vendors :D some of them were already on my like list :D They all have such beautiful items. I would love to win. me and my daughter (6 months old ) love taking pictures of all sorts together and these items would be a great addition to our photos :D or if i took pictures for anyone else i could definitely use any of the items here :D

    Cathy said...

    Why I would be overjoyed to win...well, I've been mostly just an avid hobbyist and recently a student of photography...til now. I was just asked to do my first paid shoot. (Yay!!!) So I’ve dumped a good bit of coin into some basic equipment and now I could use props, backdrops, anything! I’m happy to have stumbled upon this site for inspiration and business referrals. Love all the cute things!!! And the music! :)


    SarahLeatherman said...

    I have finnished "liking"/"friend requesting" all of the AMAZING vendors! I would love to win this to help establish my photography business. I've been taking photos for a couple years but would like to start doing it professionally. Just ordered my first set of backdrops, yeah me!
    And besides, how cute would this stuff look on my daughter? SUPER CUTE! lol. Would love to win, thanks for the opportunity. :)

    Anonymous said...

    What an amazing giveaway. Thanks for introducing me to so many wonderful vendors!! Liked all/ sent friend request on Facebook.

    Leigh This Way said...

    I liked everyone! I would love to win this because I've been taking pictures for years but I've just decided to get into professional photography after being asked by people to take engagement pictures, christmas pics, etc. I'm really trying to expand and this giveaway would help soo much!

    Chelette said...

    I liked all the pages.

    SweetyHeart Photography said...

    Awesome giveaway! I liked all the vendors and would love to win some goodies for my photography! Thank you so much for this opportunity! tami thomson actntnt@aol.com