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    Kyler {9 months}

    Apr 14, 2011

    I can't believe this little boy is 9 months old already!!  Which makes my daughter almost 3!  Ack!  Where has the time gone?


    And he sure is a big boy! He weighs 21.2 lbs  :)

    How cute are these little cheeks?!

    hee hee!

    This shoot wa EXHAUSTING to say the least!  He woud not sit still and had no interest in me, my camera, or the funny noises I was making.   BUT he's still a cutie pie!  :)   After our loooooong session, it was time for a snack and a nap!  Kyler needed one too  ;)

    We ♥ you Kyler Bug!!

    One Response to “Kyler {9 months}”

    Candace said...

    Love the bare bum pictures soo cute! Especially the one with the bear :)