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    {Feature Friday!}

    Mar 4, 2011

    Erica Visser

    ELV Shots

    El Paso, Texas

    www.wix.com/elvshots/home or www.facebook.com/elvshots

    1.  Tell us a little bit about YOU.

    Hi! I am a wife to a wonderful, charming, amazing, and perfect for me DoD Fire Fighter and a mother of 2- a daughter and a son. We home school both of our children-4th grade and Kindergarden. I am VERY out going, and very talktive! ;) I am shorter then I want to be- I honestly just need a couple more inches- Honest! 5'5" would be great- I'm only 5'2" and I need a steep stool for everything! I LOVE LOVE LOVE pin-up! I am an avid horseback rider, that is where I grew up- in the saddle and I loved every moment of it. While in that saddle growing up I was living in the desert in California { I know A DESERT in California! Shocking lol ;) } I love to scrapbook and always looking for others to crop with { you want to come over and crop with me?}I can't wait for the day when I have lots and lots and lots of land and living in the country again! With my own barn, pond, and well way to many other things to list!.... I am a night owl, in fact I should be sleepin now!

    2.  How did you get into photography?
    It started out when I would go trail riding on my mare, I would love to take those little 'throw away' cameras and take pictures of what ever I saw- from wild animals to the brush. My love for photography grew from there- and then I had my first child and well the rest is history!

    3.  Are you doing photography as a business or a hobby?
    For the longest time it was just hobby but I have now 'stepped out' and now I am doing it as a business

    4.  What is your favorite subject to photograph?  Why?
    Do I have to pick just one? ... thats kinda hard! I love so many different things about so many different things! Kids is one of my favorite things - not so much the posed studio shots {which are still very cute and awesome!} but the shots of them just being kids. Running around, little red runny noses, laughing and giggling at who knows what, those pictures you take and get when they have no clue you are even taking their picture. Those are the ones that I love.

    5.  Who is your inspiration?  Do you have any favorite photographers?
    So may different things and people inspire me it's hard to narrow it down!

    There are many photographers that I look up to. Some famous some not so famous, Katelyn James Photography:

    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I honestly don't think that there is one single thing that I have seen of hers that hasn't inspired me in some way! Dawn Simons, she is a local photograher here in El Paso, Texas and I just love her work- so pure and simple.


    6. What tips/advice do you have about photography and/or running your own business?
    Do your homework before hand! Talk to other photographers see what has been the hardest hurdles for them and learn from them!

    7.  Tell us a strange or interesting fact about you.
    I don't like to be touched by feet- the only feet I will touch {with out wanting to hurl} are baby and little kid feet.

    One Response to “{Feature Friday!}”

    A Fire Fighter Wifey said...

    I am so honored that you featured me this friday! Thank You so very much! <3