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    Salt Lake City Portrait Photographer | Personal Project

    Aug 4, 2015

    I've been having some really tough times in my personal life for the past few weeks and just needed to get out and shoot something just for me to help take my mind off of things.

    I dragged my (somewhat willing) daughter around Davis County, Utah looking for the perfect location.  We ended up driving a little ways up Farmington Canyon and the scenery was just a breath of fresh air!

    I was inspired by my friend Amanda from Amanda Marie Photography for these images.  I adore her style of photography and was truly amazed at some of the images she created!  (seriously, go check her out!).  After finding a few tutorials online and on youtube, these are what I created!  What do you think?  Comment below if you'd like to see the 2 images I used to create each image below!  ♥

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    salt lake city portrait photographer

    One Response to “Salt Lake City Portrait Photographer | Personal Project”

    Jennifer said...

    So lovely how the natural world leaves the boundaries of the silhouette. Beautiful.