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    Salt Lake City Infant Photographer | Carter

    Aug 20, 2015

    As you may have noticed over on my facebook page, I have made the switch to studio lights!!!  I couldn't be happier to have such beautiful, consistent, creamy light!  Don't get me wrong, I have loved all my natural light sessions but I can't count how many sessions I've had to reschedule or push back due to a cloudy day.  It just really throws everyone's schedule off!

    Carter was my first subject in front of my new light and he was oh so scrumptious! (Seriously, I could just nibble on those thighs!  He wasn't too fond of the big fur rugs I placed him on and mom told me he did NOT like grass at all.  We put him up on my little white chair and he was as happy as a clam!  Silly boy ♥

    happy and smiley baby boy in gray
    baby boy photographed on gray rug and background
    chubby baby boy photographed in utah

    2 Responses to “Salt Lake City Infant Photographer | Carter”

    Jennifer said...

    Most adorable baby ever. You got so many perfect portraits!

    Meghan Rickard said...

    What an adorable cub!.