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    Naomi | Utah Infant Photographer

    Feb 1, 2013

    I completely forgot to post these photos of Naomi we did last November for her 6 month session!

    Naomi (or Nay Nay as we call her) wasn't quite sitting up for her session, but we did end up with some amazing shots!  She's so silly with all the faces she makes and that tongue of hers!  Gene Simmons, eat your heart out!!

    (This photo is a composite.  When a child is unable to sit up by themselves, safety first!)
    (This photo was a continuation from her newborn session here.  How funny is she?!)

    I know I know.......photo overload!  But how could I not??

    4 Responses to “Naomi | Utah Infant Photographer”

    Angela Chandler said...

    So sweet! Love her eyes and those little lace pants are adorable :)

    Laura Farris said...

    What a darling little girl! you got a ton of beautiful shots! Love all her outfits too.

    Jennifer said...

    What a cherub! She is precious;-)

    Anya Wait said...

    LOL! Love her expressions!