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    Naomi | Utah Newborn Photographer

    Jun 25, 2012

    Sweet sweet baby Naomi, why do you have to grow so fast?  Naomi is now almost 2 months old and I'm just now getting around to posting these...oops!

    Naomi was one of my hardest shoots to date (we rescheduled 3 times!).  She's definitely got a little bit of red hair genes in her just like her brother!  Good luck Jess, she's gonna be a little firecracker  ;)


    4 Responses to “Naomi | Utah Newborn Photographer”

    Anonymous said...

    Great images!! What a sweetie she is!

    Derico Photography said...

    Especially LOVE the purple ones! (in the cocoon and the one on the blanket) Too cute!

    Donna Harris said...

    I love the purple too. Great images!

    Caroljean at Watersong Journey said...

    Yes, I agree the greet and violet are so pretty...but they are all precious! Great work!