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    {Feature Friday}

    Mar 9, 2012

    It's time for another Feature Friday!!  Today, we are featuring photographer Tasha York from Shawnee Oklahoma!

    Tasha York aka Picture Perfect Ministries

    Shawnee Oklahoma and Surrounding areas

    1.  Tell us a little bit about YOU.

    I love my Jesus, my kids and my husband! I am a stay at home mom/wife/photographer. I am super friendly and drama free lol!

    2. How did you get into photography?

    When I was in high school I played around with it and when I was 16ish I started working for a local photographer and have worked with/for several since. I quit doing it for about 2 years and did a lot of graphic design for different companies and photographers but after I had my daughter I had a wonderful opportunity to take pictures in hospitals and from there started my ministry Picture Perfect Ministries.

    3. Are you doing photography as a business or a hobby?


    4. What is your favorite subject to photograph? Why?

    I like to change it up. I tend to get bored if I have a lot of the same kind of session so I try to book them around each other :)!

    5. Who is your inspiration? Do you have any favorite photographers?

    Chase Jarvis, Andrea Marie, AM Photography :) (no really!) , Jan Schill...I could go on! Each unique in their own way!

    6. What tips/advice do you have about photography and/or running your own business?

    Don't let yourself be bullied, no photographer starts at the top you HAVE to practice! Do the best that you can and be open to learning. Every session I can see how I have improved and how much better I could get. Photography is constantly evolving and some evolve in some areas quicker than others, don't compare yourself just do what it takes to get better and focus on your strengths don't get down about where you are weak :).

    7. Tell us a strange or interesting fact about you.

    I listen to AM Photography's music while I edit. Every session!

    Thanks so much for sharing Tasha!  And I'm glad you like the music!  ;)