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    Baby Evelyn

    Dec 6, 2010

    Newborns are definitely one of my favorite subjects to photograph!  Some are very sleepy and some are wide awake!  And then there are some like baby Evelyn that can't make up their mind  :)


    she was very sleepy and would fall asleep for a little bit, but after a few shutter clicks, she was awake again!  And everytime she fell into a deeper sleep, I would have to move her again.  She didn't like that very much!  lol

    I absolutely loved getting to know little Evelyn!  Thanks so much Olivia and Derek!  It was a real treat  :)

    (I love that bottom right photo!  She loves to have her hands on/in her face! lol)

    (look at all that hair!  love it!)

    I think she's already got daddy wrapped around her finger  ;)