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    My Bag of Tricks

    Nov 6, 2010

    One of my favorite things about photoshop is the ability to use and create actions!  They really make my editing life easier  :)  Although it does take me longer in some cases because I just can't decide which one I want to use! 

    I also became intrigued on how to make them.  I have a certain style and found that I was constantly tweaking other actions because they just weren't "right."  So, I've decided to experiment and make my own.  I'll be honest, I made about 50 of them and I didn't like a SINGLE one.  But I finally came up with some that I liked enough for me to use....and to share with you!

    I made a set of 3 actions:  pOp! (a little boost for your photos), berry sweet (a sweet vintage), and Bliss BW(my take on a more soft black & white).

    I added a vibrance layer to my pOp! action for a little extra "umph."  Every photo is a little bit different, so feel free to adjust or turn off any layers to suit your needs  :)

    In my berry sweet action, there is an optional layer called "warm me up" and it does just that.  In the above photo, I had that layer turned on.  In the photo below, I had that layer off.

    The Bliss BW action flattens your image at the end.  It is undoable.  So please make sure you save your file before using this action!

    *tip* - use the berry sweet action before the Bliss BW action to get a 'softer' feel to your photo.

    You can download my Bag of Tricks here.

    Also, if you'd like, feel free to share some of your photos that you've edited using my actions!