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    Jeffs Family

    Nov 17, 2010

    This shoot was a bit of a challenge.   The family is amazing and they all looked great, but our light was fading fast!  The whole 'Daylight Savings Time' is really throwing me off with the afternoon golden hour.   We basically lost an hour of light  :(  And to make matters worse, it was a very cloudy night!  So we had about a full half hour of "decent" light.

    Ok, enough complaining!  lol  and take a look at this gorgeous family!

     Little Ezra off by himself.  I love this age when all they want to do is explore and be independent!

     One of my favorites  ;)
     Keira playing with the leaves.  I think this was the kid's most favorite part of the night!  lol

    This photo made me laugh when I saw it.  I think it's so typical!  The oldest has to hold the youngest down and the middle child tries to make her escape!  And somehow they're all still smiling!  lol

    This one is so sweet of you and Cohen, Rebecka!  ♥ it!  :)

    Warren and Rebecka, you have such beautiful family!  Thanks for sharing the fun with me  :)