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    Salt Lake City Twin Newborn Portraits | Anna & Claire

    Jul 19, 2016

    I was beyond excited to meet Anna & Claire for their newborn session!  Holding one 4 pound baby is incredible in itself, but to be able to hold two?!  Gah!  They were just so tiny!  Not to mention how adorable they both were!

    Fun fact:  Anna & Claire are IDENTICAL twins!  Though their looks varied a little at their newborn session, it was still a challenge to tell them apart!  Luckily my assistant and I had a system in place so we would always know which one was which.  We started with Anna by herself and then added Claire for some portraits of them together.  Then we would take some photos of Claire by herself.  Not only did this help us keep track of who was who, it really helped with the flow of the session and allowed us to get all we needed in the allotted time we had.

    Everyone at the session was so helpful to get the girls settled and happy in between portraits, as well as keeping mom relaxed!  Especially big brother Austin.  Can you tell that he is smitten with his new sisters?  Congratulations Buresh + Rutledge family!  Looks like you've got your hands (and hearts) full!

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    2 Responses to “Salt Lake City Twin Newborn Portraits | Anna & Claire”

    Jennifer said...

    Such perfect portraits of these beautiful baby girls! LOVE the macro shots.

    Meghan Rickard said...

    These photos are so beautiful! What a treasure for this family to have.