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    Salt Lake City Infant Photographer | Eva is ONE!

    Jul 28, 2015

    You may remember this sweet little cabbage patch doll from her 7 month milestone session.  I so love when clients bring their little ones back to see me!  I get to meet so many amazing people through photography and they become like family.  They mean so much to me ♥

    Eva 'the Diva' was even more mobile for her 1 year session (which she was actually 15 months old for!) and just ran and ran.  I love how curious they are at that age and always seem like they are in such a hurry to get anywhere.  It took a LOT of chasing after her to get these shots but I owe it all to her grandma!  She would run after her, make silly faces, jump up and down, and hoot & holler.   Eva is one lucky little girl!

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    4 Responses to “Salt Lake City Infant Photographer | Eva is ONE!”

    Jennifer said...

    Absolutely love the images of her with the starts. I can't even say why. They are just so perfect.

    Leandra said...

    Love the set up with the stars. SO perfect.

    Angela Chandler said...

    Love the simplicity! Great shots!

    Meghan Rickard said...

    OMG, I LOVE that last set of photos!! And what a beautiful space to shoot in!