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    Grace | Utah Infant Photographer

    May 3, 2015

    Grace celebrated her first birthday in style....with a cake smash session of course!  Even though I am known for being a newborn photographer in Utah, I get the opportunity to play with older infants as well and every second of it is just as enjoyable!

    Grace loved her cake that her mom bought her and even tried to share some of it.  And how cute is her outfit that mommy brought?  I'm SO glad I had a setup that matched perfectly!  Happy Sweet FIRST birthday to Grace <3 br="">

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    2 Responses to “Grace | Utah Infant Photographer”

    Eden Bao said...

    What a fun and colorful cake smash! She's such a neat cake smasher, lol.

    Jennifer said...

    I love all the soft colors. Great shots.