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    Stockton turns 1! (continued)

    Jan 6, 2011

    Meet Stockton!  Isn't he just the cutest?

    I met Stockton when he was only 5 days old!  Wow, how time flies!!  His big sister is one of my daughter's really good friends, so they got to play together during our shoot  :) 

    I don't normally do these, but I thought I would share a pull back shot from this session  :)

    I'm so glad they still had their Christmas stuff up!  Ours came down just a few days after Christmas  :(

    Do you remember this shot from a year ago?

    Look how much he's grown!!

    (he wasn't too happy sitting on there! lol)

    I've really enjoyed watching you grow, Stockton!  Happy Birthday little dude  :)

    (ha ha I think I was being too loud!  lol)

    About halfway through, we decided to get him down to his birthday suit!

    We knew we were done when it was close to nap time and we got a lot of these faces...

    plus we got a couple of photoshoot crashers!  lol

    Thanks Heidi, Cadence, and Stockton for letting us raid your home!  :)