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    Abbie | Utah Maternity Photographer

    Mar 19, 2014

    Michael and Abbie are probably two of the cutest people I've ever met!  And put them together as a couple and what do you get?  Only the world's CUTEST couple!

    And what could make the cutest couple even better?  A beautiful baby boy!

    I met Abbie and Michael back in October to schedule their maternity session at the Manning Orchards in Kaysville Utah.  I have to say, they picked the perfect location (would you expect anything less from the world's cutest couple?) and the light was absolutely perfect!

    3 Responses to “Abbie | Utah Maternity Photographer”

    Jennifer said...

    Cute couple.

    Eden Bao said...

    Beautiful couple! They look so happy!

    Angela Chandler said...

    Love your take on an outdoor maternity!