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    Mother's Day

    May 10, 2010

    This Mother's Day was probably one of my best (even though it's technically my second! ha ha).  It started off like any regular day, and then my brother came over and brought my mom and I flowers!

    the yellow were mine and the pink were my moms

    My mom had helped my daughter make me a Mother's Day card and a bracelet.  She let Maddie pick out the beads and my mom strung them in the order she handed them to her.  It's my new favorite piece of jewelry and is so much more valuable than any diamond out there!

    I hope everyone else had a wonderful Mother's Day!!  I know I did :)  Thank you everyone for making it so special, and VERY special thanks to my little munchkin! :)

    One Response to “Mother's Day”

    Butterfly Chaser Photography said...

    Sweet pictures Amber! It's good to see you on this side of the camera! Those are hard to get aren't they?!?

    You are so talented! Loving your sweet fabric flowers. Maybe my sister will have a girl next so i can get fun props like that! ;)